The Merenderia menu

From appetizers to desserts, our menu is filled with carefully selected Tuscan and Maremma products.


Menu Merenderia Maremmana

The Merenderia's menu combines the quality of raw materials and the seasonality of products. We want to bring to the table of our customers the refinement and craftsmanship of the dishes and details of the Maremma, with special attention to our specialty: the matured meat, "Dry Aged", barbecued from Maremma, Chianina and from the carefully selected breeds from the world. 

Our suppliers are small producers who enable us to offer handcrafted, authentic and unique products.

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Our AperiMaremma

Not only lunch and dinner, at Merenderia Maremmana we have created an aperitif that will immerse you in this corner of Tuscany.

AperiMaremma is a cheese board with cheeses, cured meats and small Tuscan delicacies, accompanied by our precious wines or cocktails from the Merenderia, specially created by us with selected products.

All is accompanied by a careful selection of excellent Tuscan, Italian and international wines and Tuscan craft beers, along with strictly Tuscan gin-based Maremma cocktails.

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Our meat

Meat is at the center of our cuisine and our ongoing research, and it has led us to travel to Tuscany to study its peculiarities, with careful targeting of selected farms.

"Dry Aged" is the valuable technique of dry aging meat at controlled humidity. The result is meat that is tender, juicy and more flavorful, the mouthwatering result of a slow maturing and curing process. 


SIZE minimum weight 1.1 kg

*Our careful selection of fine breeds and cuts is subject to to availability which also depends on maturity.